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Bedridden Ronald Alimpa insults mother, chases her away from hospital

Word on the streets has it on how bedridden singer Ronald Alimpa chased his mother from his bedside where he’s hospitalized.

According to these sources, it’s said that Alimpa became furious with his mother for blocking his friends who always came by to supply Marijuana to him for smoking.

And as any mother who is willing to see their children recover without any trouble, she always sent these friends away.

On learning this, a frustrated Alimpa is said to have hurled all kinds of insults towards his mother.

Alimpa in fact told his mother to stop being the one looking after him and instructed his wife to take over.

The Seen Don singer is said to have lashed out at his mother for having been absent in his life as he grew up only to resurface when he’s made a name for himself.

The disappointed and heartbroken woman was seen living with her belongings with her head buried in tears as she couldn’t fathom what her son had told her.

Alimpa has been hospitalized for a month now ever since the fatal accident he and others suffered last month in Kapeeka, Semuto.

He’s however had more negative controversies on his sick bed than news of his recovery.

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