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MC Kats on how he was stigmatized by friends after testing HIV positive

MC Kats (Courtesy Photo)

Celebrated MC Edrine Katamba alias MC Kats says he was segregated by some of his friends once they learnt that he is HIV positive.

The King of the mic was at Miss Uganda UAE under the AUUS Uganda Convention 2022 over the weekend where he confirmed the development.

“When the world learnt to know that I had HIV, even some of my friends segregated me. I have never woken up and thought publicly that I have HIV. I got stressed since everyone was talking about it even those who gave me jobs.” I was like no one owns my life and so I decided to make it public. Once you get the virus, you can’t reverse it but the good thing there’s medicine.”

He added that it’s always important for friends, family members to empower and give support to those with the virus.

“It’s not always good to backbit about those who have the disease, empower them as friends. Personally, I have done the HIV drugs for nine years and they work.” Said Kats.

Written by Ssejjengo Jibu

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