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Video: Watch pastor performing Miracles kissing his female flock

Uhmm what won’t these pastors who claim to be men of God do to us in the name of performing miracles.

These have become accustomed to exposing us to all sorts of weird things.

Some of these claim to have gone to heaven and spoken with God whilst taking selfies with him.

Others subject their sheep to eating grass indeed like the literal sheep while others make women to remove their undergarments in the search for deliverance.

Despite all these shocking stories, the flock seem unbothered by what is said about their spiritual fathers.

A video has bow been making rounds on social meida showing a man kissing one of the female flock.

This was a deep kiss and after it, he spat something aside as if he had extracted an evil spirit from her.

And after this, he goes ahead to give her another mind boggling kiss.

Watch Mbarara Video here

This is as all the other flock look on in disbelief perhaps waiting for their turn.

It’s not yet clear whether such miracles are only for women or if he does them too on men.

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