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Ronald Alimpa’s close friend shockingly reveals his evil secrets

A close friend of bedridden singer Ronald Alimpa has come out to disclose his alleged wicked and evil nature.

This is after Alimpa reportedly chased his mother from taking care of him in the hospital after she blocked his friends from supplying him with weed.

Alimpa is said to have insulted and cursed her heavily forcing her to leave the hospital in tears.

The Seen Don singer however refuted this and said that it was entirely something else that made his mother leave in tears.

However, his close friend while appearing in an interview with Sanyuka TV said that it is not the first time the singer is throwing vulgar insults towards his mother.

And when it comes to smoking weed, he’s one of the intoxicated singers.

He’s also so defensive of his wife and doesn’t want anyone criticizing her be his mother.

This friend added that Alimpa has done a lot of wicked and evil things which the world would be shocked to know.

However, as a friend, he decided to keep quiet about many of these because he didn’t want people thinking that he’s looking for a ladder to make a name for himself.

According to this friend, all that Hassan Nduga sanf about in his Tebayambika song dedicated towards Alimpa is true.

He’s selfish and a wicked fellow who doesn’t want to see any of those around him prosper.

“When it comes to weed and his wife, Alimpa is intolerable. He’s constantly insulted his mother even in our presence with very heavy and vulgar words. What you heard in the hospital was nothing compared to what we always hear.”

“Hes done a lot of evil and bad things which I as a friend couldn’t even speak because people could have thought that I’m jealous and only want to climb on him. He’s however so selfish and ill mannered just like Hassan Nduga samg about him in his song,” said Alimpa’s friend.

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