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Angella Katatumba on why she doesn’t want to give birth

Female musician Angella Katatumba is one of the oldest and most veteran singer’s in the land.

She graced the scene in the early 2000s and it’s fair to speculate that she’s in her 40s.

Katatumba however doesn’t have kids despite having gotten married once before she divorced.

She’s tried her hand in a few relationships but all these have failed including one with Daddy Andre.

Now talking to a local reporter, she was asked why she doesn’t have kids yet.

Katatumba said that as long as she’s got money and is rich, that’s all that matters.

Those who have kids are struggling everyday to feed them unlike her.

” My priority is money, not kids. Those who have kids without money are struggling to feed them,” she told the reporter who asked when she is having kids.

Angella is however filthy rich after she inherited some of her late father Bonny Katatumba’s properties.

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