BILLIONAIRE LIFESTYLE: Inside Suhdir’s Shs36 Billion Residence

Sudhir Ruparelia is undoubtedly Uganda’s richest man and one of East Africa’s top 5 wealthy people.

His Meera Investments Ltd is the largest developer of commercial and residential space, with over 300 properties all over Uganda and owns the largest number of ongoing real estate projects and is the biggest private owner of commercial land in Kampala.

The businessman also owns homes and properties in Dubai and London.

In total, the Ruparelia Group is composed of 28 companies and counting- cutting across financial services, real estate, education services, hospitality, agriculture and media/broadcasting. The group provides a major source of livelihood, directly to over, 8,000 employees, many of whom are women.

Many of us have seen his expansive and imposing mansion on Plot 9, Kawalya Kaggwa Close, in lower Kololo but few have rarely had a chance of having an eye feast on the inside.

How does the billionaire sleep and how big is his bed and his bedroom? What does his bathroom look like? Does he cook like the rest of us? How many domestic staff does he have? When it comes to furnishing and fittings, does his taste augur class and style? Where does he cut his hair from?

The CEO East Africa Magazine, has secured an exclusive guided tour of the kingly mansion by none, other than Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia himself; but first, here are 10 quick facts about the mansion.

  1. Officially, Dr Sudhir Ruparelia’s home, is called The Ruparelia Residence.
  2. The current house sits on Plot 9 Kawalya Kaggwa Road. Sudhir bought the property in 1990 at a cost of USD200,000 and paid in instalments. The old house would later be brought down to pave way for the new Ruparelia Residence.
  3. The house has 4 levels. Built up area is 9,000 square meters while parking, gardens and swimming pool, consists of another 4,000 square meters- altogether a total of 13,000 square meters- more than half of the 22,000 sqm Kampala Kingdom Mall.
  4. The House has 16 bedrooms- 8 for staff and 8 for the Ruparelia Family. The 8 bedrooms of the Ruparelia Family, consist of a 3-bedroom wing for Rajiv Ruparelia, 1 bedroom for the senior Ruparelias, 1 for Sheena Ruparelia, 1 for Meera Ruparelia and 2 others for guests.
  5. Although the general house was designed mainly by Jyostna Ruparelia, Sudhir’s wife, working together with Kristine Kirsten the Group architect, each of the Ruparelia family members, had a chance to design their own living spaces.
  6. The house cost USD10 million to design, build, equip and finish. The whole process took 4 years.
  7. Other than the 16 bedrooms, the house also has a banquet room that sits 120 people, 5 kitchens, several lounges, several dining rooms, more than 3 bars, a 12-seater cinema, a wine cellar, a fully equipped gym, saloon and spa, Hammam (Turkish bath), a laundry room and a cafeteria for the domestic workers.
  8. The temperature-controlled wine-cellar holds 33,000 bottles of 200 varieties of assorted wines and whiskeys;
  9. The house is run by a complement of 46 domestic workers
  10. The entire house has smart temperature and sound control. According to Dr. Sudhir, the average electricity bill to run the home is UGX28 million. Yes. 28 million!

Enjoy and be inspired!

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