The boda boda rider won the heart of an American girl

Carey Wanyonyi, a US missionary who turned Kenya into her home, is a woman who came to spread the word of God and found sweet love as a reward.
The mother of two arrived in the country back in 2018. Three days into her trip, she decided to travel to Bungoma and at 4.30am sharp, the woman of God was ready to start sowing the seed of her father above. Then she met the most handsome man, Albert Wanyonyi.

“She used to give me a ride in her car almost every day and I wanted to tell her how hard I had fallen in love with her,” Albert told KTN News.
Albert was and still is a boda boda rider but their love knew no boundaries. He was also not learned and communication was quite the challenge.

But what is meant to be will always be. The father of two stated he was a Class Two dropout who only identified Bukusu as his main language.

Speaking in proper Kiswahili and English was a difficult task but by the grace of God, Albert learnt.
“He did not speak English at the time we met but God helped him learn and we were able to converse,” Carey said as she gleefully smiled.

Albert’s wife knew he was the man God had kept for her and admired how hardworking he was so she let her guard down and allowed herself to fall in love.

“I knew he did not have a lot of money but he was a hard worker. I considered his kindness, I considered his heart,” Carey added. Luckily, both their families had no problem with their union and knew that love, in whatever shape or form, will always be a beautiful thing.

“When my mum found out Albert loved me she said, ‘yes! Albert loves God,’” the dutiful wife narrated.
Carey has adapted to the village life and raises her kids with so much simplicity, humility and grace. She is the typical wife who cooks, cleans and works around the compound as she gives her home the care it always needs.

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