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VIDEO: Ugandan teenage girl hack their father’s phone and expose his filth

Social media has been left shocked after three teenage girls hacked into their father’s phone and exposed him to their mother.

These Ugandan girls live in the US with both their parents.

However, when their dad came to Uganda for a visit, he met and chewed a certain side chic.

Even when he went back to the US he kept in touch with her.

The daughters had however sensed something fish already in their dad and they made a plan to unmask him.

They hacked into his phone and called for a family meeting.

These then displayed all his chats with his side chic in a family meeting.

They couldn’t believe that their father was cheating on their mother and called him all sorts of things.

One of rhe girls even told how she wants to kill him while another shut him up because he’s a cheater with no right to speak.

Many people have come to express their concern over this issue but most criticized them.

They wondered how these wanted to enter into the bedroom affairs of their parents.

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