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Spice Diana on truth behind man murdered at her homehu

Singer Spice Diana real name Namukwaya Hajjara has thrown shade on the guy who was murdered from her home.

The guy was called Nsamba Henry and he died last month outside Spice Diana’s fence.

According to the reports, Nsamba Henry was beaten up to death after he was suspected to be a thief trying to break through Spice Diana’s home yet there was security.

Spice Diana doesn’t deny this guy dieing behind her fence but she revealed that she didn’t have a hand in that and by the time that happened she wasn’t home.

According to Spice Diana, the whole truth is the guy was killed because he was a thief and that wasn’t his first time to break through her home.

“Alot was said about that guy but to be honest I had nothing to do about it. I wasn’t even around when he tried to break through. He was a thief and Such guys keep breaking into my house to steal my property,” Spice Diana said.

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