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VIDEO: Dj Didan narrates how he met the Kabaka at Botanical Beach

Last weekend, photos of the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II with Botanical beach Dj Nabaasa Didan were allover social media.

Dj Didan has revealed how he met the Kabaka at Botanical beach and how he got the courage to request for a selfie from one of the strongest people in the country

“I was delighted to meet the Kabaka of Buganda. I remember we were at Botanical beach on 15th October and saw his cars coming. Many of us didn’t realize that it was his car convoy until we saw the shield where the number plates are placed. I was in the Dj’s box and once I saw him coming towards us I decided to got and meet him.”

His head of security tried to deny us access but the Kabaka told him to leave me and that when, I got the chance to greeted him after I went back to play music.”

He added,

“When I was playing music, Kabaka came to me and told me so you are a Dj and asked him the which song should I play for you my boss. He told me Telemundo by Chosen Becky feat Kent and Flosso. After I requested for his selfie, for sure I don’t know how I got the courage.” He accepted and I also used the chance to take many as possible.” When they were leaving, his head of security told me to use the photos in a proper way.”

According to Dj Didan the head of Kabaka’s security called him last weekend and told him that the Kabaka wanted to also use the same photos

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