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Spice Diana reveals what caused the beef between her and Sheebah

A few months ago, songstresses Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana weren’t seeing eye to eye.

These clearly didn’t like each other and this was evidenced through their differences especially on social meida.

However, they patched up their differences a few months ago and are no longer beefing.

According to Spice Diana, this beef was fuelled by their fans.

She added that most times artists find themselves hating each other for no reason just because of a beef ignited by her fans.

Besides there is no way she could beef Sheebah who is her inspiration.

“Most times we artists find ourselves beefing each other over issues that we don’t know about. These are usually started by fans groups and before you know it, as an artist, you’re caught up in it.”

“I’m not a threat to Sheebah Karungi. I can’t fight my inspiration,” Spice Diana said.

Spice Diana has severally stated how Sheebah was one of the reasons she joined the music industry and is an idol of hers.

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