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VIDEO: Catherine Kusasira pelted with bottles on stage again

Singer Catherine Kusasira got roasted by fans while at a recent performance.

While performing her Nkola ya Taxi song, fans started pelting
her with bottles.

These instantly started raining on stage like rainfall forcing the singer to halt her performance.

This vice seemed to have stopped especially shortly after the elections but for the singer, it wasn’t the case.

Kusasira among other pro NRM musicians such as Big Eye, Bebe Cool saw themselves in the wrong frame of the public as they would get pelted with bottles and other objects.

The fans who pelted Kusasira with bottles this time round however seemed to be doing it for fun but the politicization of the concert can’t be ruled out.

Kusasira in the past few weeks has been crying out how she’s in a dire financial position.

She revealed how her house was on the verge of being taken by the bank after she mortgaged it for a bank loan to boost her car business.

This however failed to take off as people refused to buy from her because she supports NRM.

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