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5 Simplest Ways To Land a Conversation With The Girl Of Your Dreams

We all at one time have that girl that crosses our path and leaves us salivating, puzzled and stuck.

Despite our skills with approaching girls with ease, this girl will always prove a hard nut crack for you to us.

She could be your classmate, workmate, neighbor, you board the same public means of transport together, met her at the restaurant, club or anywhere.

Well below are some of the simplest ways to land this dream girl of yours with ease.

  1. Weaponize Your Personality

If you want to land tons of girls or the girl of your dreams,then your personality will go along way in helping you achieve this.

Forget the movies or Cinderella fairy tales where the girl falls in love with some unkempt and untidy dude.

Those are things for the big screen but not real life.

Shower, wash your clothes, keep a neat hair cut and beard if you have any.

Basically try to be smart and presentable. Girls always love that guy they can show off among their peers without being ridiculed.

So if you’re dirty, trust me she won’t even let you say hi to her.

Your personality therefore helps in making you confident and thus easily approaching that girl everyone fears.

  1. Make the First MOVE

Ooh so you want the girl of your dreams to make the first move on you. Dude you gotta be serious.

You need to put in the effort becomes nothing comes easy.

Besides if she made the first move, you would kind of think she’s the easy type and easily lose interest.

So wear that bright smile, male a bold step and politely say hi to her.

Once you have started the conversation and it’s going good, be mindful of yourself body posture.

Sit up right and maintain eye contact. Avoid looking down because you’re no thug.

  1. A pick up line comes in handy

You might be guessing what to do after you decide to approach her or after approaching her.

There are lots of pick up lines that might come in handy in case you’re stuck.

Make yourself acquainted with many of them and make sure it does apply to the situation you’re in.

Don’t go for the kinda raunchy and edgy ones as you don’t want ruining your chances with the first words you speak.

And once you decide to make this move, make sure there is no turning back and don’t even think of rejection.

Introduce yourself as the conversation but don’t over yap about yourself.

Speak a little and let her unravel herself to you slowly.

  1. Be Lively and show interest

No one likes a boring person and if you’re this, chances are 100% that she will bounce you before you’re even done saying hello to her.

So once the jazz is flowing, please show interest and be lively, don’t be like dead wood.

If you’re at a dance club, try to ask her to dance or pull some weird dance moves.

Since you approached her first make sure you show her that she’s worth everything and you’re also worth her time.

  1. Read her signals

Once all those steps are done, she will be positive.

She will seem interested in the conversation with you.

Eye contact, body language, smiles, flow of rhe conversation are all good examples to show you that indeed there is work in your quest.

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