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President Museveni releases his favorite music Playlist

President Museveni has over the years expressed his music taste and this has truly gotten him closer to some of his fans especially the youth.

Since the bush war days to his political campaigns, music has been a great tool by President Museveni.

His most renowned music moment was in 2011 with his Mpenkoni song which became a massive countrywide hit and was used in his campaigns.

The President has now launched a 16 song album spearheaded by his daughter Natasha Karugire.

The President revealed how his daughter reminded him of the songs he used to sing them while they were still young.

While at this launch, Museveni threw a jab at some of the current t musicians who he said make noise and call it music.

“This music album of 16 songs was composed many years ago but had remained undeveloped due to the unsettled colonial times. Some songs were resurrected by a young woman called Maaga who was the core of my music group in the bush days.”

He then went ahead to list some of his favorite songs which included “1.Maaga: Enanga yo kutonzya

  1. Maaga: Mpoora Nshokoozo

3.Kambara: Ekiziniro kya Kanyena.

4.Kanini: Omushana Gwakangire.

5.Katokye: Bwera ye Bigabiro

6.Katokye: Masindi na Kijunjubwa.”

Museveni went ahead to challenge Ugandans to use their rich cultural heritage and reject the pathetic Phenomenon of self-hatred that Africans, especially women, developed on account of the inferiority complex created by the colonial trauma.

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