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SHOCKING: Ronald Alimpa accuses mother of wanting to sleep with him

New shocking details are continuing to emerge about struggling and ailing singer, Ronald Alimpa.

It should be recalled that news has been making rounds on how he fell out with his mother.

The Seen Don singer is said to have insulted his mother so badly that she left his sick bed drowned in tears.

Now Alimpa’s benefactor, Sylvia Namutebi aka Mama Fina has come out to reveal how the singer went on a blasphemous rant against his mother.

In an interview with Sanyuka TV, Mama Fina said that Alimpa accused his mother of wanting to bed him.

He then went ahead to insult her of how his father had dumped her and no man wants her at all.

Further, Alimpa collaborated with his wife and in laws to blast and chase away his mother.

All this resulted from smoking too much Marijuana according to Mama Fina.

“Can you imagine that boy accused his mother of wanting to sleep with him. His mother called me crying and said that Alimpa had told him how she’s always spreading her legs in front of him doing kwetega. He even abused and told her that ‘waddiba’ and no man wants her at all and it’s the reason his father left her,” Mama Fina painfully narrated.

The traditional healer then said that she’s going to cease sending support to Alimpa.

Luckily for him, she had already paid all the medical bills.

However, the upkeep she’s been sending him and the songs she had promised to help him record will all be put on hold.

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