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Singer Bruno K reveals how he almost lost his daughter

HiSinger Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K has revealed how he almost lost his daughter Brielle Kiggundu to medical negligence.

According to the Faridah singer, a medical practitioner where he took his daughter prescribed the wrong medicine.

The singer said that his daughter was vomiting a lot and in order to control it, they prescribed a drug known as Plasil for her yet this is meant for adults.

Brielle then started shaking continously and having hallucinations.

The next thing Bruno saw was her daughter stopping to walk.

He had to rush her to a one Dr Jamil who is an expert in kids.

Dr Jamil told the singer that his child had been given an adult drug.

The singer proceeded to caution parents about this drug saying that its deadly.

Besides, he also learnt a lesson that kids shouldn’t be taken to any random doctor but only qualified pediatricians.

His daughter is now slowly recovering.

“Yesterday I almost lost my child because some one prescribed the wrong dosage for my child. She was vomiting alot, so to control the vomiting they gave her 10 Mills of plasil which is meant for an adult. My daughter started shaking continuously and having serious hallucinations.”

“The next thing she stopped walking. We rushed her to Doctor Jamil an expert in kids that’s where I was told that my daughter was given an over dose of plasil. Dear parents that drug is very deadly and dangerous. The lesson I learnt out of this, don’t take your child to any one.”

“These kids have to be attended to by paeds coz they understand them well. My child is recovering well but I shared this information so that parents can learn from it.”

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