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VIDEO: Dr Cephco and Nankanka juicy video surface

Socialite media is currently filled with rumors of how there is a trending adult video of famous TikTokers Dr Cephco and his girlfriend Yvonne Nakankaka.

Ugandans have in the recent past been fed on such videos showing netizens chewing themselves nonstop.

And among these X-rated videos was one rumored to belong to Dr Cephco and Yvonne.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Yvonne however denided being the one in the video that showed Dr Cephco’s big wire chewing a girl’s beans.

Since then Dr Cephco has not shied away to expose his wire in public and many believe that its what has kept Yvonne around despite all the misunderstandings they always have.

However back to business, is there a tape really belonging to the pair or its just fake news?

A quick search and hunt for the video proved futile as there is nothing to show.

And for now these are just rumors but you never know because this is how they usually start and before you know it, the video drops.

We shall however keep you updated in case there is a video out there.

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