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Mathias Walukaaga on when he’s getting married

Doesn’t it sound like Kadongo Kamu singer Sir Mathias Walukaaga has been around the music scene for almost a lifetime.

Shockingly enough, he doesn’t have a wife and has never been married.

And following singer Big Eye’s new song Husband Material, Walukaaga said that he, Eddy Kenzo amd Big Eye are some of the husband materials.

This is because they are good looking but the problem is that they are single.

The difference is however that for Kenzo and Big Eye, they have ever been married but their wives were stolen from them.

For his case, he hasn’t married but if he doesn’t get married this year or the coming year, then people should just know that he won’t ever do it at all.

“Yeah it’s true, we are husband materials, me Kenzo and Big Eye.
The problem is that we are all single. However the difference between me and them is that I have never been married whereas for them, they married and saw their women stolen from them.”

“Besides if I don’t get married this year or the next one, people should just know that I won’t ever do it at all abd maybe I will join priesthood if they accept people of my age,” Walukaaga said.

The Tulepuke singer has been linked to a number of women and some of these are singers.

These include Kenzo’s ex and baby mama Rema Namakula and Carol Nantongo.

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