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VIDEO: You will never give birth – Grace Khan abuses hateful fans

Singer Grace Khan has cursed her hateful fans that they will never give birth and they are all cursed after they attacked her innocent young girl on social media.

Talented Grace Khan has had a scandalous life ever since she made it in the music industry four years ago after she broke through.

She is always making headlines in the media for not good reasons which has some how brought her brand down as an artiste.

In 2020, Grace Khan made rounds in the media when she had a relationship with her former manager Kojja Kitonsa who was even married.

Grace Khan posted herself with Kitonsa, the couple was even seen kissing in public during Grace Khan’s birthday party but Kitonsa came out and denied dating Khan which left her ashamed and left her looking like a crown in the public.

In 2021, Grace Khan again appeared in the media after getting pregnant during Covid19 with issues about the father of her daughter.

Khan came out to say she was impregnanted by fellow artiste Prince Omar who denied fathering the child and again Grace Khan was left hanging in the air with fans laughing at her for not knowing the father of her child.

Again this week, Grace Khan was back in the media very bitter.

This time around it was about her daughter she officially unveiled to the public at 7 months opening up social media platforms for her.

The comments on the photos were not pleasing fans calling Grace Khan’s daughter ugly comparing her to Rent and Hamza’s youngest daughter.

Angry Khan came back on social media with her daughter and attacked fans also saying those who abused her daughter are all cursed, they are always aborting and they will never have children on their own.

“All of you attacking my innocent daughter saying she is ugly your cursed. You people always abort and your cursed you will never have children. My daughter is beautiful she is the princess of Busoga, I don’t see why you would attack her. I now know the people that posted and abused my daughter and I will deal with you,” Grace Khan said.

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