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Lwasa and Weasel clash over tycoon’s small wire

Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa is in the news again this time round clashing with Goodlyf singer, Weasel Manizo.

This all started after Weasel joked about Lwasa’s small wire.

The singer said that he’s not like Lwasa who has a small wire because none of his women has ever dumped him over sexual reasons.

He even said that Lwasa’s wire is like a small finger but all this can be rectified if the tycoon comes to him and his brother, Pallaso.

They can give him a medical potion to enlarge his tiny wire.

When Lwasa learnt of this, he branded Weasel stupid and an idiot.

He even asked who the heck Weasel is because he’s never heard about him.

After being told that he used to sing with the late Mowzey Radio, Lwasa said that he knew the late Radio and another boy who used to bark in the late’s songs.

The tycoon added that Weasel is such a fool for him to reply the singer as it would make him a fool too.

“Who is Weasel? I only know of a boy who used to bark in the background of the late Mowzey Radio. I don’t have a time to reply such a fool. I’m a respected citizen and wouldn’t indulge in such reckless talk. They say if you talk to a fool you also become one so I will just ignore him,” said Lwasa.

Lwasa’s ‘ka animal’ is a public secret and every one knows that it’s so small.

This is after the numerous s3xtapes of him that have surfaced onto social media.

Meanwhile he revealed that he got a new young chic who is 22 years old.

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