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VIDEO: Meet Ugandan tweep whose ’18 n over’ video has burned down social media

Ugandans on social media especially Twitter have made it a habit of theirs to always eagerly wait for mature videos to drop.

Over the past couple of months, numerous videos have found their way to the internet.

And since then, Ugandans are always an anticipation mood each month waiting to the hottest videos to l3ak.

It’s like a daily normal activity for these that it now sounds okay.

The month’s goal has already been chewed by the rumored Dr Cephco and Yvonne Nakankaka part 2 video.

Now Twitter is running riot again after rumors that an adult video of a popular tweet is out there somewhere.

This tweep is known goes by the name of Asiimwe and netizens have already applauded her bedminton skills.

“The amount of foam (bubbles) in the video show that you are under age, but again you have fallen soldiers,” one social media who claims to have watched the video said.

But is the video there? Has anyone seen it yet or it’s just Twitter kiboozi.

According to some the video is out but others haven’t accessed it yet.

A number of Twitter accounts have already been opened up in her name .

Some of these in her names claim thay her video is out.

For now, all we cal say is that the video is a hoax.

However, if we access it we shall surely drip it here for you to optically feed your eyes.

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