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Was it Nakankaka in the video? Here’s all you need to know

Famous TikToker Yvonne Nakankaka has seen her name dominate the headlines this week .

This is after an adult video rumored to be hers made her way to social media streets.

It’s alleged that the video which is trending on lighting speed belongs to her and embattled boyfriend Dr Cephco.

The video was dubbed “Dr Cephco and Yvonne Nakankaka part 2′ as an extension of the first one which surfaced months back in July.

Many have already come out to applaud Nakankaka as the real deal and hail all slim girls.

The first video that circulated saw Nakankaka come out to defend herself in a long Facebook post saying that she’s not the one.

Luckily for her, the face wasn’t clear in the first one.

However, this one shows the face clearly and netizens are so sure that she’s the one.

Nakankaka however hasn’t accepted defeat yet.

Talking to a local website, she denied being the one. She added that she doesn’t even have time to talk about such things because they ashame her in her family who know her as a well disciplined ambitious girl.

“Not every situation demands you to apologize with ‘I’m sorry. That trending video, it’s not me,” Yvonne Nakankaka posted.

It’s further added that there are some TikTok wars that she’s involved in.

These are reportedly the ones who have doctored the video and make it appear as if it’s hers.

But doctoring such a video seems nearly impossible although we won’t draw inconclusive assumptions especially with the new Computer Misuse Act.

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