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PHOTOS: How Sheebah spent her birthday

Singer Sheebah Kalungi over the weekend celebrated her 33th birthday with a bunch of close friends and fellow artistes.

This birthday party was a surprise to her because she didn’t know anything about it, she was just brought it to enjoy.

It is said that people who mean a lot to her decided to surprise her and she was over the moon.

She went to her social media platforms to thank everyone who helped her celebrate her birthday and she told them how excited when thankful she was.

“It’s been crazy & hectic of late because of the concert preparations on top of everything else. First of all, I’ve never had a free birthday! Like I didn’t spend a penny on Anything! For some 1 used to doing everything for myself this means A lot to me?? Am very grateful for each & every one of you my thoughtful friends. From “I don’t want to celebrate this year” to Telling my friends if they try to take me home I will call the police ?? (of course I was high on life???)
To Everyone that turnt up to celebrate my life , I will never forget 11:11:22 ??? You made it special. Thank you so much??”

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