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VIDEO: Ugandan born again couple leaves people shocked at their Kukyala

InThere was confusion, shock and disbelief over the weekend as a born again couple got married.

These are known as Prophetess Sarah and apostle David.

According to the two, they started fasting in 2020.

It was Apostle David who got a vision first allegedly from God showing Sarah as his wife.

He then moved ahead to contact and let her know that she was his anointed wife by God.

Sarah didn’t believe this revelation at first and also decided to pray for her own vision and it didn’t take long before she got a confirmation from God that indeed David was her husband to be.

The couple over the weekend had a Kukyala and it was indeed glamorous.

While here, Prophetess Sarah gave Apostle David lots of money molded into a cake like shape.

She then told him that she was giving him this money such that he knows that the home where she comes from is full of money.

She therefore prayed over this money that she gave him so that the Lord blesses him with much more money to bare all her expenses.

Wow wow imagine if this is what born again women and their ‘God’ do, we all might end up getting married to them.

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