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New facts emerge about tweep’s perplexing video

If there is a video that has really given netizens a hard time to crack, its none other than the tweep who goes by the names of Asiimwe Malaika Love.

She has been trending for the past few days on different social media channels.

This is as news emerged that there is an adult video of her out there.

And all attempts to access the video have just proved futile.

No one can basically land their eyes on it despite the trials.

Well news has it that this was just a hoax.

Someone familiar with this girl has revealed how there is actually no video.

She’s just using it as a tactic to trend and build her social media pages.

“There is no video of her. She learnt that it is a tactic which she can use to grow her social media lifestyle. And you know girls and guys these days are willing to do anything to chase clout. Can you imagine, she’s even now trending as far as Kenya amd Rwanda based on lies,” this individual who preferred anonymity said.

Well that is it for you, you can continue hunting and maybe who knows, the video might actually be there.

Netizens might also drop a fake video and attach it to her as has become the norm with some of the previous leaks.

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