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Bitter Facts- Isma Olaxees reveals why Eddy Kenzo cried in his press conference

Popular social media blogger Isma Olaxees has come out to tear through singer Eddy Kenzo over the remarks he made yesterday in his press conference.

Kenzo while addressing his massively successful concert at Kololo Independence Grounds, cried midway through the interview.

He alleged that there are some people who are after him and want him dead.

Isma has now come out to blast Kenzo telling him to stop playing this sympathy card.

The blogger said that no one actually wants to kill Kenzo.

He just doesn’t want to pay those that worked at his show yet he got monies.

Isma said that these stunts of the current generations of singers is awful and they should do better.

“I wonder what is wrong with Kenzo. He’s always playing the sympathy card and has survived on that. How does a celebrity of his statute go around shedding tears. There is no one who wants to kill him and he should man up,” said Isma.

Further, the blogger added that maybe it’s Hamza, his ex Rema’s husband that wants to kill him but the rest of the public has no problem with the Big Talent boss.

Isma also said that Kenzo is jealous about Rema and Hamza’s 4th marriage anniversary they celebrated yesterday.

Therefore he did all he did to shun the news from talking abou them.

The blogger wasn’t done and said that maybe there is sometimes that Kenzo is hiding which always makes him to cry.

Isma also questioned why Kenzo doesn’t sleep in his home but rather at a hotel.

There might be something that Kenzo did which is always haunting him.

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