VIDEO: Furious Kemi Sera chases journalists for accusing her of stealing Mary Bata’s man

Singer Kemi Sera got angry and chased journalists from her recent birthday party celebrations.

This was after they stepped beyong the line and asked her about her man.

They drew up conclusions that she stole the man from her bestie and fellow singer Mary Bata.

“We hear rumors that very soon you will be introducing your man to your parents” one of the journalists asked to which she replied that it’s true.

They then proceeded to ask her why her great friend who she refers to as a sister and her the same wasn’t present at the birthday party.

She said that it’s a question she’s not ready to answer but maybe she’s busy.

“I won’t answer that question now but all I can say is that that sister of mine is probably busy with her work,” she added.

This is when things got out of hand as the journalists dropped the bomb.

They asked her if it’s true that she snatched the man from her best friend, Mary Bata.

Kemi Sera dismissed them until further notice as she wasn’t going to entertain this.

“Who told you and who has ever introduced him to you as her husband, Are you guys mad. And please get out of my face, I will call you when need be,” she said.

All long she had been expressing her affection for the man whom she said is the love of her life.

However, this man is said to have been Mary Bata’s before Kemi Sera snatched him.

At a time, when she was struggling and had no where to run to, Mary Bata gave her a home and the two are like sisters.

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