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VIDEO: Malaika Asiimwe speaks about her 18+ video for the first time

Malaika Love/Asiimwe1900 who has become a social media sensations near and afar has spoken about her said video for the first time.

News has been spreading like wild fire about how she has an adult video out there.

However, despite all the attempts by social media users to land on it, they have proved unsuccessful.

Meanwhile it seems like she’s busy enjoying the ride and fame this video has brought her.

Appearing in a video that surfaced on social media, a friend of hers who was with her said that they are auctioning the video.

He then teased and asked her to do one of the styles she did in the video.

She laughed at this amd asked him whether he was meaning the doggy style move.

The actual reality is that there is no video and it’s not clear who started thsde rumors.

All the vidoes that have appeared in the aftermath are not hers and fake.

You could continue digging until you reach the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean but its highly unlikely that you won’t land on the video.

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