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VIDEO: Victor Kamenyo and enstranged girlfriend in love again

Singer Victor Kamenyo and his enstranged girlfriend are in love again after abitter fight over infedilities.

The couple fought last month and the girl Ruth was accusing Victor Kamenyo of talking to other girls behind her back while Ugandans were calling it a stunt

Over the weekend the two stepped out in a bar together to have fun.

Some social media users were surprised saying they will not speak about people who are in love again because they will get back together

TikTok user Argather#Rayz commented on the video: “Tnx[sic] Victor n [sic] Ruth 4 de [sic] lesson. [Next time] I will mind my business ????”
Kyoshabire01 said: “Let me go and clean my toilets in peace, siliddamu kweyogeza bitankwatako [I will never talk about what doesn’t concern me.]?????”
April Queen? wrote: “From today onwards let me learn to mind my own business ?? [I] am no longer a Tiktok in-law??”
User934013416370 said: “Mission done ??????…???… lean how to focus on mopping the floor .????✋?”

Bethy kay said: “By the time media in-laws were judging, [these people] were together since day one. They have never separated???”

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