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Is your artiste inclusive? Kato Lubwama names his Uganda Cranes music team

Comedian amd politician Kato Lubwama is one of the pioneers of the current musicians industry who has been around for quite long.

He therefore knows something about the industry and when he speaks, something can be taken from his say.

The ex MP while appearing in a local interview named some of the artists in Uganda both old and new that deserve to make up a dream of the Uganda Cranes.

Kato named the likes of Bebe Cool, Dr Jose Chameleone, Afrigo Band, Kenzo as would have been expected.

He named NUP leader Bobi Wine although he was reluctant at first to include him saying that he has no trending music.

And besides his last songs were mediocre.

Kato was questioned about Spice Diana getting into his team and he said that she needs a music director.

This is because she sings differently on stage and on CD.

Besides the things she does on stage are also questionable.

Kato had his take on Azawi too, he said that she’s a good singer but has majorly been built by the media.

Kato’s team would be captained by reggae legend Maddox Ssematimba because he’s the better singer of all of them.

“The Uganda Cranes music team would include the likes of Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone, Eddy Kenzo. Uhmm Bobi Wine doesn’t deserve to be on it because musically he’s dormant and the last songs he sang for sympathy were not good at all but I will include him so that his fans don’t feel anger.”

“Afrigo Band, Juliana Kanyomozi, Iryn Namubiru, Sheebab, King Saha, Mesach Ssemakula, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Winnie Nwagi too because she has a good voice. Azawi has majorly been built by the media but she’s okay. For Spice Diana, she needs a music director because she sings differently on CD and live. Maddox would be their captain because he’s the best singer amongst all of them, ” said Kato Lubwama.

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