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Did Kenzo really breach his contract with Luba events?

Musician Eddy Kenzo has come out to give his side of the coin in regards to the battle with events promoter, Super Charger of Luba Events.

Luba Events went to court and got an injunction which directed Kenzo to stop performing at all events in Uganda.

Luba said that he bought Kenzo’s concert for 140m shillings in 2020.

The Grammy nominated musician however turned against this contract and organized the concert without him as he wanted Shs 500m.

However, Kenzo said that Luba breached the agreement the moment he failed to give him 50% of the agreed 140m.

Luba only gave Kenzo 40m shillings which he reimbursed to his team in the rehearsals.

Further, the concert was canceled by the government due to the COVID-19 pandemic which is not Kenzo’s making.

Besides, Luba got compensated by the government and proof is there.

Their agreement also stipulated that before running to court, they had to settle issues outside court in case of disagreements which Luba didn’t do.

Kenzo therefore believes that he has a strong case against Luba and is set to battle him legally.

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