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Martha in trending video reportedly takes her life

A few days ago a trending video of a one Martha appeared on social media and has been the talk for quite a number of days.

A pregnant Martha in this video was nabbed redhanded being chewed by an alleged pastor.

In this video, candles, pots and other ritualistic materials were all lined up in the room.

The room had been turned into a shrine sort of.

Martha’s husband in a voice of pain and disappointment was heard asking her why she did this especially in his bed and house.

Sources had it that Martha and this alleged pastor were performing the last ritual for save delivery.

Martha is said to have been barren and this pastor helped her to get pregnant.

The said Martha is said to have been from Zambia and the pastor from Congo.

The two all looked embarrassed in the video after they were caught eating the forbidden fruit.

Now sources claim that Martha has reportedly taken her life.

She couldn’t bare the shame and embarrassment she suffered in the aftermath of this video.

And the quickest and best option for her to avoid all this was end her life sadly.

A number of people have already come out to blame the husband for being the catalyst to this death.

These claim that he could have handled the situation in a more civil way.

But we also don’t know which proper way that could have been.

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