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VIDEO: Woman strangles cheating boyfriend as she destroys his property

Social media users have been left in shock after a girl was recorded live on camera engaging in domestic violence against her boyfriend.

This girl can be seen seated on a table as they exchange heated words in a room.

The man is heard telling another woman how this violent woman’s parents are going to pay for whatever she breaks.

Soon as she hears this, she moves to throw computers and a TV that were on the table as she shouts that her father will pay.

She then moves to strangle the guy as the other girl in the room pleads with him not to hit her back.

The guy also restrains and moves away from the bed.

This lady now attacks the other woman who was in the room while threatening her.

It’s not yet clear what triggered this lady to such a reaction.

However, many social media users have credited the man for his patience amd lack of high temper.

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