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Did Meddie Moore And Prima Kardashi Chew Themselves? Here’s The Whole Truth

A number of people believe that Ugandan socialite Meddie Moore based in South Africa actually chewed Prima Kardashi.

A few months ago photos of Prima and Meddie surfaced on social media.

These photos looked suspectful as they had an element of intimacy about them.

This happened during Prima’s vacation to Dubai alongside singer Spice Diana.

However, Meddie Moore said that whatever happened between him and the self styled Mama Lusaniya was just a vibe.

And of course they did have a good time the socialite added.

He said that they have never dated and only met in Dubai for a festival.

“Prima is my friend. We have never dated but when we met in Dubai during a festival we had a good vibe,” he said.

Surprisingly after her return to Uganda, Prima ended her 2 year old relationship with Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie.

She currently looks like she’s back with her ex and baby daddy Geosteady.

The two have all appeared lovey dovey on social media.

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