Dorothy Shonga indirectly hits at ex co-wife Sasha Brighton

Dorothy Shonga indirectly hits out at Sasha Brighton

Faded socialite Dorothy Shonga has indirectly hit out at female singer Sasha Brighton Kalungi.

It should be noted that the two have long standing beef after the singer wrecked Dorothy’s marriage to pieces.

This was after she snatched Dorothy’s husband, Herbert Shonga.

Herbert and Sasha Brighton didn’t last long and also broke up last year.

Sasha quickly moved into a new relationship which she kept mute about her lover.

However, a voice note surfaced yesterday in which she cried about her troubles.

Sasha said that she’s financially bankrupt and can’t afford certain things such as rent.

The man who impregnated her stopped from working and she agreed to all his directives.

However he’s bow neglected her and even cut off communication as she doesn’t know what to do at all.

Dorothy taking to her social media indirectly sent a message to all women who are not yet pregnant.

She said that these should do it with a man who is ready.

“Word of advice. If you have not yet conceived now when ready, do it with a responsible person.

God bless y’all,” said Dorothy Shonga.

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