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VIDEO: University student asks for help on how to chew her male neighbor

Isn’t it bizarre and weird for the things that take place at University and not just in Uganda but across the country.

Most of these learners on getting to campus enjoy unlimited freedom since they are now adults.

Most of these have their adults far away from them and end up indulging in all kinds of behaviors.

Now one of these learners, a female University student has posted a message asking for advice asking on how to chew her neighbor.

This lady says that her neighbor just moved in. This chic says that she’s neighbors with her make friend.

Although they are close friends, she really likes him and dreams of getting her sumbie chewed by him.

She however doesn’t know how to go about it as this guy’s girlfriend from a different hostel keeps coming over.

And this denies them ample time yet she’s dying slowly inside.

She however is contented that one day this guy will fall in her traps and end up smashing her dicotyledonous beans.

Shockingly enough, she’s in a different relationship too.

“Didn’t know what it means to be on a waiting list until my new neighbor moved in. I like him as a close friend but we never get enough time because his Olympia girlfriend keeps coming around and we can’t spend time together yet he always wants me around and I want him too. What gives me hopes is that the girl is not even fine so I have the chance to get him one day. I am just pained that am on a waiting list. Taking it easy because I am in a relationship.”

And as we all know the h0rn with University learners especially in hostels, this will surely go down.

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