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VIDEO: City slay queen duped and chewed for free by top City Casanova

A City slay queen who thought she’s so wise has gotten herself chewed for free by a top city Casanova.

A voice note received online has this slay queen narrating to her friend how she got chewed for free.

This slay queen says that she met this guy at a hangout spot with another female friend of hers.

She proceeded to exchange contacts with this dude and they kept on speaking for about 2-3 weeks.

This guy then invited her to visit him in Kisasi and the chic said that she had no transport money.

Dude ordered an Uber for her and she went to Kisasi where they linked up.

They spent the night together and this dude chewed her sumbie mercilessly left right and center.

She told her friend that the guy was so good in bed and she had some of the best mind-blowing pounding of her life.

Early morning however the guy had to live for work and she also had to go back home not to make her mother worry so much about her.

The guy who had earlier sent her 30k for transport added her 80k bringing the total to 110k shillings.

Each left back to their place and chic used her own money to pay the going and coming since she knew she had some money from the dude on Mobile Money.

She went back home and rested but decided to go to the gym later on.

Chic bypassed a Mobile Money outlet to withdraw her 110k but she was shocked when the teller said she had insufficient funds.

After calling in the customer care, she was told that the person who sent the money had called in and asked the transaction to be reversed since he claimed to have sent the money to a wrong number.

The chic told her friend how she felt so bad since the dude had chewed her beans for free without any single input.

Calling his number, it was off and the other he had given her was picked by someone else who told her that he doesn’t know him.

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