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VIDEO: Malaika Asiimwe’s new part 2 video rocks the internet

2022 has just proved to be one of the dirtiest years with numerous tapes surfacing.

Now barely days after a popular Twitter girl identied as Malaika Asiimwe dominating the news withba said video of hers, it seems like she’s not about to leave the news so soon.

New rumors allege that there is a new video of her which has been dubbed part two and a continuation of part 1.

Malaika in this video is rumored to be alone and sorting hwr beans out as she milks and massages them.

However, what’s shocking is that the first video wasn’t accessed by anyone.

A number of videos that surfaced weren’t hers.

And she also came out in a video to tell how she was being accused of appearing in adult videos yet she’s never done so.

A number of different accounts were opened in her alleged names and her photos circulated everywhere.

She’s basically dominated social media in rhe past couple of days.

And for now we don’t know what to take, whether the rumors or her word.

But as they say, everything always comes to light, and so we shall either one day probe or disprove the facts about the alleged videos .

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