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Don’t mess with Lydia Jazmine – Kenzo blasts Maurice Kirya

It seems like nobody should ever mess around with Lydia Jazmine’s name when Kenzo is still around.

The Big Talent boss has now decided to let his feelings known about another singer, Maurice Kirya’s recent remarks about Lydia Jazmine.

Appearing on Galaxy FM a few weeks ago, Kirya said that he doesn’t know kw Lydia Jazmine’s songs.

It’s rather her photos that he knows very well because they keep on appearing on his time-line.

This didn’t go down well with a number of Ugandans who blasted the singer.

Kenzo is another person who found the remarks disrespectful.

Appearing on the same radio station, Kenzo blasted Kirya for trying to act cool.

“@mauricekiryawanted to act like a cool kid that doesn’t know anything on ground. I was very offended when he said that he didn’t know any of @LydiahJazmine’s music” said Kenzo while appearing on Galaxy FM’S Evening Rush.

Kirya meanwhile later came out and clarified about his comments.

He said that people misunderstood him.

Kenzo and Jazmine on the other hand have been rumored to have a secret thing for each other.

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