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Is it Fefe Busi? Karole Kasita finally reveals how she got pregnant

Dancehall singer Karole Kaista has finally come out to narrate how she got pregnant.

The singer’s pregnancy came as a surprise shock to both her fans and the public.

It started as a rumor at Winnie Nwagi’s concertand since then her baby bump has been slowly bulging.

Questions however still linger about how the singer got pregnant especially that she’s in the caliber of the likes of Spice Diana, Sheebah, Lydia Jazmine who have all distanced themselves away from marriage and family for the time being.

Appearing on Galaxy FM, she was asked how she got pregnant since most women plan for their pregnancies.

The Yaka singer well didn’t, she just woke up after several nights of tubeless bonking amd found herself pregnant.

“Prim: Some women make plans and say at such and such a time, I’ll have kids, others get them all of a sudden. How was it with your case?

@KaroleKasita: I woke up one day and I was pregnant.”

The question now that remains troubling many is who is the owner of this pregnancy.

Many however point fingers to fellow singer and Lugaflow rapper, Feffe Bussi.

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