Singer Jowy Landa expresses her appetite for wire as she blasts homos

Upcoming female singer Jowy Landa has come out to express her insatiable appetite for the dancing on the wire.

The singer who last weekend was shooting the video of her Am Badder collabo with Grenade Offical was asked about one of her lines in the song.

This goes as ‘njagala mpiso sibijanjalo’ loosely translating for I want injections and not beans.

The Buyaka singer said that what she meant is she likes being danced by men and not women.

She condemned all people of the same sex that intimately are into each other.

“I meant that I love men by that and not women. Why should a fellow women love a fellow woman. I think it should be male on female and vice versa not the other way round,” said Jowy Landa.

She also revealed that for now, there are lots of men buzzing her phone asking for love.

Jowy Landa is however not interested as she’s wants to concentrate on her music career for now and nothing more.

“A lot of men are always calling and texting me. I don’t know where they get my number but since I’m a young talented beautiful woman, men trying to date me is not surprising. However, for now, I’m focused on my music career and not men. I would appreciate if they helped me financially just,” she said.

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