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Used and dumped – Ashburg Kato ties himself on Bobi Wine

When Bobi Wine was launching his political career, he said that most of the people he had started with wouldn’t last the walk.

These would eventually be bought off and turn against the ‘struggle to remove a dictator’ and this indeed came to pass.

Some of his ardent supporters who got off the bus along the way is blogger Ashburg Kato.

By then, he was one of the most followed and loved bloggers on social media and the chief propagandist for Bobi Wine.

He however crossed to NRM and started bashing Bobi Wine profusely.

Since then he faded slowly, got involved in a number of stunts to get back up but it seems nine of these worked for him and he’s now very sparsely unknown.

Ashburg looks like now he wants to cross back to NUP as he tied himself on Bobi Wine.

Through his Twitter page, he posted a screenshot showing that Bobi Wine had wished him a happy birthday.

However, a run through the archives shows that this message from Bobi Wine was about 3 years ago when he was still NUP-ist.

Katto therefore looks like he was used and dumped and now looks for a way to head back to NUP bit can’t.

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