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Kulthum wears same attire for both Akram and Sheikh Muzaata’s introduction

The late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s wife Dr. Kuluthum has wore the same attire she wore at her introduction ceremony with him to her new introduction ceremony with new husband Akram Gumusiriza.

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata died in 2020 after a short sickness and one year after his death, Dr. Kulthum started dating again.

Over last weekend, she held an introduction ceremony to officially bring her husband Akram to the parents but the attire she put on left people wondering.

She had previously said she will put on very unique clothes but it turned out that she put on normal clothes like other parties.

What caught people’s eyes is the attire she put on thar resembled the one from her previous marriage and the photos were also brought on social media.

Some are crediting her while others are thinking it was a strange thing to do in her new marriage and there was a big reason why she did what she did.

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