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VIDEO: Pastor Irene Manjeri embarrasses herself on camera

Social media users have been left in a state of shock after a video of Bethel Healing Ministries lead pastor, Irene Manjeri surfaced online.

A number of pastors in Uganda are famed for courting controversy all the time whenever they come out to address the public.

And Manjeri herself has been no different especially after claims such as how she went to heaven and met God.

In an interview with Spark TV’S Ibrah K Mukasa, Manjeri revealed that there was a time when she was stressed and went to the US where her children live.

These then took her to the aquarium to chill and she said that an aquarium is where wild animals live.

She also bragged about how one of her children drives a Tesla car and they wanted to give her one to bring to Uganda to relieve her stress.

This would have made her the first person to have such a car in Uganda or even Africa.

However, she refused it because roads in Uganda are so bad.

And according to her Tesla is a car that uses fuel and when it gets done, it reverts to using electricity.

Besides, she would park her Tesla at Pride theater and let it look for parking itself.

According to social meida users, all that Manjeri said made no sense at all.

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