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VIDEO: Precious Remmie cries on camera defending minus against trolls

Some people are really uncultured and bad mannered that they are always willing to litter around unsensitive comments just for a few likes.

Who on earth would go insulting another person’s mother especially since we know how our parents and specially mothers are so dear to us.

Sanyuka TV presenter Precious Remmie wasn’t going to have any of this nonsense as she fired a warning to all those trolls attacking her mother.

An emotional Remmie said that most of these insults tell her how her mother is too old and looks like her granny.

She wondered how wicked people are and went ahead to warn them.

The former Spark TV presenter said that as long as her mother is still alive, any person who insults her will see the danger in her.

She therefore warned all these trolls to get something to do and give her a peace of mind when it comes to her mommy.

This was all as she celebrated her birthday and her mother was also around as she made the remarks.

Please stop insulting people’s mothers/parents.

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