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VIDEO: TikToker Arthur Kayima moves to London to settle with sugar mummy

Tiktoker Arthur Kayima has moved to London from Saudi Arabia to meet and settle down with his mummy Layton.

Arthur Kayima started getting famous on social media through his funny videos on Tiktoker during Covid19 lockdown.

In ssome of the things that come with fame is women that want to be in a relationship with you if your a man and men that want relationship when your a woman.

For Arthur Kayima he was lucky to get a woman with some money from the United Kingdom and his life is now changing for the better according to how things are going.

Yesterday, Arthur Kayima arrived in London and was welcomed by Lyton who looks to be in love with him.

We aare not sure if he is going to stay their for good but we are sure about for now is the good time they are having at this moment.

Here is the video;

It should be noted that Arthur Kayima is a father of one and despite his feminine characters he said he is not gay.

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