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VIDEO: Upcoming artiste Shakiraa Shakirah undresses in New video shoot

Upcoming failed musician Shakiraa Shakirah has decided to use new plots to promote her music.

The singer despite having the money and curves has seen her music career fail to take off.

And just like most female musicians who resort to nakedness when their careers fail, she seems to be taking the same path.

Shakiraa during the video shoot of her new song decided to let her shorts loose.

And guess what, being a curvy woman who is extremely beautiful, she obviously got the attention.

Her red thing cut through her bumlicious and curvaceous nyash and this left social media users drooling.

However after satisfaction and knowing that they won’t touch, these have come out to tell her how they have seen such things.

And this will obviously fade and the music will still not be available.

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