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Always touch your b00bs – Prim Asiimwe tells women after having her breast sliced

Galaxy FM Evening Rush co-host Prim Asiimwe has advised all women to always amke sure to touvh their boobs and observe them.

The mother of one revealed how the last two days of nher life haventbeen easy at all.

She then advised all women out there to awalsy touch their boobs and if they feel anthing unusaul, they should go see a breast specialist.

Prim empasized this point towards all women especilly for whast hapened to her.

The beautiful model said that she wont forget the scenes in the hospital when her breast was being sliced open.

“Ladies, check your boobs often. Touch, feel for anything that feels unusual and go see a breast specialist real quick. I doubt I will ever forget seeing my boob being slit in that theatre.”  she said.

Prim then thanked everyone who was by her side including family, friends and other colleagues plus the female surgeon who worked on her.

Breast cancer is one of the leading types of cancers in women and they have severally been advised to observe their breasts and in case they feel a lump, they should quickly look for medical attention.

Besides women’s male lovers can also do this job diligently.

Written by Aine Siggy

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