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VIDEO:Swangz Avenue mistreated me – MC Kats breaks down explaining

MC Kats has explained how he was disappointment with Swangz_Avenue and Julius Kyazze.

MC Kats revealed his HIV status to the public in 2020 and during that period it wasn’t the best for him after some friends neglected him.

People living with HIV have faced segregation for long even with all the information out they still do it.

For Kats it was people who used to be around him that turned their back towards him on how they treated him and that ended up hurting him.

For a long time, he hasn’t spoken about it but today he decided to open everything and reveal the names of people that treated him like a dog.

Those people are Swangz Avenue bosses Julius Kyazze and according to MC Kats it was so disrespectful.

Emotional MC Kats said he wouldn’t think that people who seemed to be educated would treat him that way and it was a huge disappointment that he will never forget.

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