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Shammy K terrified after seeing early man’s big wires

Musician Shammy K felt terrified after she saw big wires belonging to some early men of a certain tribe.

Apicture posted by a random Twitter user showed these men pholding long sticks in their hands as they were presumably at a cultural function.

What however caught the attention of social media users was the size of their big gigantic wires between their legs.

And all men who saw the picture couldn’t believe it and all resorted to joking that they should henceforth be called women because what these men have makes them feel ashamed.

Shammy K was one of those who quickly ran to the comment section to show off her naughty side and wildness.

The singer wondered how they would be looking if they were standing because then, none of them was erect.
These are certainly not the men whose transport you want to chew and

keep on playing him then later give in.
Because the moment you do, you are totally finished and going to answer for your sins.

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